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Hello, my name is Felicia Franklin. Welcome to my website about sports teams and the sporting goods they use to play their games. Sporting goods are specially designed to allow members of each team to complete their given objectives. Whether those objectives are making goals or blocking the other team from scoring, the sporting goods help the players easily work magic on the field. I would love to talk to you all about the way teams operate and the sporting goods they use on the field or court. Thank you for coming to visit my website. I hope you will return to learn more soon.


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Clearing Up Misconceptions About the AR 15 Rifle and It's Uses

For those unfamiliar with rifles and unsure what type of best for hunting or home defense. Learning more about different types of rifles is ideal.

One popular rifle among gun owners is the AR 15 style rifle. Why is this style so popular? And what is it good for?

Here are some facts about the AR 15 rifle to help clear up any questions and help you decide if you should buy AR 15 rifle for your home.

Why the AR 15 Is NOT an Assault Rifle

You may have heard that the AR is an assault rifle. It's in the name, right? No, that's what AR stands for. The initials AR are for the manufacturer, which is Armalite. So, those initials stand for Armalite Rifle not automatic or even assault rifle.

The AR 15 rifle is not more dangerous than other firearms. Assault rifles are fully automatic and no civilian is allowed to own one in the U. S. The AR 15 is not a machine gun and not an assault rifle.

The AR 15 Rifle and Self-Defense

When looking for a good rifle for home and self-defense the AR 15 rifle is a good choice. The gun is light and easy to handle. The rifle is also versatile and adaptable.

Here are a few other advantages of the AR 15 Rifle for home defense.

  • Low recoil - so anyone can shoot it
  • Lightweight - easy to hold and carry
  • Easy to shoot - even easier than a pistol or shotgun
  • Great accuracy - has no kick and allows for stability when shooting

While the rifle is customizable, keep in mind adding unnecessary accessories will increase the overall weight.

The AR 15 Rifle and Hunting

The AR 15 rifle is great for hunters too. For all the same reasons that the gun is good for home defense. However, the rifle is often used for small game hunting. Hunters use the gun for hunting various types of the game depending on the caliber of bullets used.

  • The 223 caliber is good for varmint hunting and small game, like fox, rabbit, and coyotes.
  • The 300 caliber is ideal for a little larger game, like deer and feral hogs.
  • The 308 caliber is the most powerful ammunition, and ideal for hunting bears, deer, elk, and moose.

It is also wise to check legalities when hunting with a AR 15 rifle in your state as it can vary.

The AR 15 rifle gets a bad name because many misunderstand this gun. It's not an assault rifle nor is it more deadly than any other rifle. Don't hesitate to look into this rifle if you want a good home defense weapon.

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