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Hello, my name is Felicia Franklin. Welcome to my website about sports teams and the sporting goods they use to play their games. Sporting goods are specially designed to allow members of each team to complete their given objectives. Whether those objectives are making goals or blocking the other team from scoring, the sporting goods help the players easily work magic on the field. I would love to talk to you all about the way teams operate and the sporting goods they use on the field or court. Thank you for coming to visit my website. I hope you will return to learn more soon.


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Three Methods For Checking Chain Wear

As a biker, it's important that you know how to check for chain wear. This way, you are replacing the chain on your bike when it is necessary in order to prevent wasting money on replacing it when it is not needed and to prevent an accident from not replacing it enough. Here are three methods to help you check for chain wear on your bike:

  1. Lift the Chain: Probably the easiest method is to simply lift the chain. If you can see a huge gap, then it's time to replace the chain. Of course, the problem with this method is that it isn't the most accurate since a "large gap" can mean something different to everyone. However, if you have been biking for a long time, you probably generally know when that large gap is too large and the chain needs replacing. 
  2. Measure: Another more accurate method would be to measure the chain with a ruler. You will want to pick a rivet and line it up with the zero marker on the ruler. From here, you should be able to count exactly 23 rivets between the zero and the twelve. If not, then this means that the chain is too stretched out and needs replacing. 
  3. Use a Chain Checker: A chain checker is a tool you can purchase from a bike shop. This makes checking for wear of the chain a whole lot easier and comes in handy if you are big into biking. If the end of the tool can go into the chain, then this means it needs replacing. If not, then your chain is perfectly fine. Of course, the end of the tool has multiple different chain checker percentages. The one you want to use needs to match the type of chain you have. The 0.5 stamp should be used if you have an eleven-speed chain. The 0.75 stamp should be used for a chain with ten or fewer gears. This is a great tool to invest in if you use multiple different types of bikes for this reason. 

Whichever method you choose for checking the chain wear, you should do so often in order to ensure that you are riding your bike safely. The more you check, the less likely you are going to have to replace the cogs and chainrings, as well since a worn chain breaks these other components down over time. 

Contact a bicycle repair company for more information and assistance.