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Hello, my name is Felicia Franklin. Welcome to my website about sports teams and the sporting goods they use to play their games. Sporting goods are specially designed to allow members of each team to complete their given objectives. Whether those objectives are making goals or blocking the other team from scoring, the sporting goods help the players easily work magic on the field. I would love to talk to you all about the way teams operate and the sporting goods they use on the field or court. Thank you for coming to visit my website. I hope you will return to learn more soon.


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Fun First Date Ideas That Don't Have You Sitting In A Restaurant

If you are planning a first date, then you are probably a bit nervous about where to go. You don't want to go someone where you can't talk, like a movie or concert, because you want to get to know each other. But you also want to avoid places that are too intimate and where you might have to deal with lots of dead space in the conversation. The problem with restaurants is that you will often get lots of dead space in the conversation. So, the solution to this problem is to find something where there is a bonding type activity that is fun and which you can talk about afterward at a cafe. Here's a list of what you might want to do.

Indoor Rock Wall Climbing

If you're looking for a really exciting activity, you should consider indoor rock climbing. This is cool because it's active, but not too exhausting. You don't have to worry about getting soaked with sweat like you might with something like outdoor hiking. The indoor rock walls are also safe. You and your date can get hooked up to safety ropes and you won't have to worry about falling and getting injured. The other thing about indoor rock climbing is that you will get an adrenaline rush and will get to talk about the experience afterwards at a cafe.

Shooting Pool At A High End Billiards Hall

You can find a nice, high end billiards hall and go with your date and shoot pool. These places are not the smokey, dimly lit places that you might have seen in movies. They are designed for people who are going on dates or hanging out, and not pool hustlers and other denizens of the pool world. The places are well lit with cool music, nice seating, and often really nice food. So you can really nice food brought over table-side, as well as drinks. Plus, since many of the people who go to these high-end places to shoot pool are not excerpts, you and your date won't have to worry about looking silly if you're not experts. 

Ice Skating Classes

If you want a fun and laid back first date activity, you should consider ice skating classes. This is great for first dates since ice skating takes place in a cool environment, so you won't get hot and sweaty. It's also somewhat romantic. And most ice skating rinks will have a small cafe on site. So, you can take a break from skating after your lessons and sit and talk while watching the other skaters. Taking the classes is cool because there will be lots of first time skaters, so you and your date won't have to be worried about looking silly.